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Видове пелети
About pellets

About us

camina is created in order to facilitate the users and to offer them one new type of service. You can place the order directly on the telephone or from the contact form on the website, and we shall take care for the rest.

Do not miss the opportunity to talk directly with the experts of, in order to consult about the most appropriate product. Do not forget that we deliver our products directly in your home. Do you have a problem with the unloading? We shall take care of this. The only thing, which is required by you, is to place your order on the telephone or via e mail, and leave the rest to us.

We work only with established producers, which gives guarantees to the customer that he shall receive qualitative wood pellets.

We value these producers, because their mills elaborate the highest qualitative pellets, with the highest results for residual ash and moisture.

The usage of pellets provides from 3 up to 5 times lower expenses in comparison with the electric power. If we have to compare the pellets with coals, their burning is more effective and the quantity of ash after burning is significantly less. In comparison with the firewood for burning the pellets occupy much less place, the warehouse, which you use would be much smaller, also the Efficiency of burning is higher with around 85-95%!