Apparatus for smoking meat and fish, with glass

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Transport dimensions: 81 cm × 28 cm × 40 cm

Dimensions: 27.5 cm × 39 cm × 80 cm Weight: 14.1 kg

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This appliance is the path to healthy and wholesome food.

Easy to use and complete with shelves, hooks, thermometer, etc.

It is made of galvanized sheet metal with a thickness of 1 mm.

The prepared dishes are guaranteed to be delicious.

In this appliance you can smoke various products hot or cold: meat, fish, etc.

You can also use it as a barbecue.

No more smoke flavors added to smoked products on the market.

Natural taste achieved at home.

smoking chamber -1 pc.

glass – 1 pc

fish shelf – 2 pcs.

skewer for hooks – 3 pcs.

meat hooks – 8 pcs.

sawdust tray -1 pc.

fat collection tray – 1 pc.

charcoal drawer – 1 pc.

fasteners beech sawdust thermometer – 1 pc.


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