Falò 1XLP Ventilated, with ceramic tiles

Falò 1XLP Ventilated pellet stove with ceramic tiles Classic design. Front loading. The pellet fireplace Falò 1XLP is a convenient solution for heating. It does not require a separate boiler room. Recommended fuel: wood pellets. The Falò 1XLP pellet stove is compact in size, easy to install and operate. With its elegant design, warmth and live fire, it is suitable for a living room.



Falò 1XLP Ventilated pellet stove with ceramic tiles

Power: 3.5-8.9 kW / Heated volume: 255 m3 – Efficiency:> 87% * – Dimensions: 956/1521/625 mm. – Consumption Pellets: 0.7-2.0 kg / hour * – Chimney opening: ф 80 – Weight: 302 kg. – Package weight: ~ 32 kg. – Energy class A + – Available colors: sand-salmon pink –


– Suitable for rooms up to 102 m2

– Intelligent controller. Remote control

– Door with heat-resistant glass

– Built-in pellet burner and pellet hopper

– Ecological combustion process

– Contemporary design, available in three colors: ivory, burgundy and black


– Convector fan

– Removable ash drawer

– Extractable cast iron fireplace

– Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system

– Heating thermostat

– Internal thermostat

– Weekly chronothermostat

– Remote

– Front feeding of pellets


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