NEEDLE PELLETS OF HOLZINDUSTRI Schweighofer – Big Becks 1100 kg.

Holzindustri Schweighofer coniferous pellets certified according to DINplus 7A040 standard. High calorific value, low ash content and trouble-free use of pellet heating systems. Bulk – 1100 kg. in a sack (big bags). This product is used for industrial purposes, therefore orders for it are made for quantities not less than 23 pallets



Description of the product:
Advantages of Coniferous Pellets as Fuel With the rapid development of new technologies, more and more pellet mills are available to turn wood and plant residues into standard pellets that are safe for the environment and easy to use. Coniferous sawdust as a woodworking residue is also processed into pellets. The use of these Coniferous Pellets has many advantages such as:
1) High density Their energy density is high, which facilitates their storage and transportation.
2) High homogeneity Their high homogeneity and stability allow more efficient control over the combustion process. When used in modern heating systems Coniferous pellets are able to release up to 90% of the energy contained in firewood.
3) Environmentally safe Coniferous Pellets contain only clean fuel and the minimum ash obtained from their combustion can be easily removed.
4) They are advantageous Their energy efficiency and small volume makes them very profitable for heating your home.
5) Significantly lower fire risk Coniferous pellets can be used in stoves, alternative energy fireplaces, wood boilers and stoves for central heating. Recycling of wood waste and plant residues as an energy source helps to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, thus reducing harmful emissions into the environment. But why are more and more people showing more and more interest in using coniferous pellets as an alternative fuel in some industrialized countries? Simply because Coniferous Pellets show higher heat values ​​and lower ash content compared to pellets from crop residues and fodder.
Coniferous pellets have the following characteristics
calorific value 5.0 kWh / kg (18.0 MJ / kg) dimensions 6 +/- 1 mm
humidity ≤ 10.0%
dust content ≤ 0.5% (DIN_plus) / ≤ 1.0% (EN_plus)
residual ash ,7 0.7% (at 550 ° C)
Packing: pallet, large bag
Manufacturer: Holzindustri Schweighofer

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Weight 1000 kg


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