Rat trap with two holes

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Transport dimensions: 18 cm × 50 cm × 18 cm

Dimensions: 50 cm × 18 cm × 18 cm Weight: 2.55 kg

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This is a trap that catches without hurting the animal. Both openings ensure high success. Unlike ordinary traps, the rodent does not enter a closed place, there are two options for escaping back and forth.

The two holes help for faster and more successful capture.

mesh size 19 x 19 mm
mesh thickness 1.5 mm
faultless mechanism
comfortable and safe handle treated against rust (RAL6005)
weather resistant


1. Place the trap where there are traces of a rat. These rodents follow the same routes.

2. You can use an apple or nuts as bait. Keep in mind that such bait must be replaced after 12 hours. Peanut butter can stay for several days and will still be attractive.

3. Cinnamon also attracts rats, but use it as a supplement, not as a main bait.


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