Straw pellets in bags of 15 kg, in a stretched pallet

Straw pellets, in bags of 15 kg, in a stretched pallet. Characteristics of the Pellets: calorific value 4.2 kWh / kg dimensions 8 +/- 0.5 mm humidity ≤ 12.0% residual ash ≤ 5.0% Manufacturer: Best Pellets Packaging: large bag



Description of the product:

Straw has been widely used in papermaking, ethanol production and has been used as animal feed in the past. In recent years, a new way of processing straw is attracting more and more attention – pelleting. With the development of pellet production, more and more straw is used as a raw material in them.

Straw is an agricultural product from the dried stems of cereals after the grain and chaff have been removed. Straw accounts for about half of the yields of cereals, such as barley, oats, rice, corn and wheat.

As an agricultural residue, straw is abundant during harvest. Large amounts of straw accumulate and are allowed to dry, causing gases such as methane to be released into the atmosphere, but the production of straw pellets can solve this problem. In addition, increasing energy consumption, rising energy prices and increasing environmental requirements for power plants are increasing interest in using pellets as the fuel of the future.

Characteristics of straw Straw is characterized by high caloric content and low moisture content. After pelleting, the calorific value of straw pellets is about 18-19 MJ / kg, the ash content is less than 3% and the moisture content is less than 10%. In addition, burning straw pellets causes zero carbon dioxide emissions, and straw pellets are carbon-neutral. Burning straw pellets to generate energy simply releases just as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as will be used to grow new plants. It is therefore economical and environmentally friendly to use rice straw, wheat straw or corn straw for the production of pellets.

Advantages of Straw Pellets

1. Cost-effective Pelletizing straw increases its bulk density, thus facilitating its storage and reducing transport costs. The energy contained in the straw is highly concentrated to produce fuel with very good fuel quality, calories and minimal ash. Pellet incineration ash can be used as a mineral fertilizer due to its high content of elements essential for plant growth.

2. Wide application In addition to their use as fuel, straw pellets can be used as beds for horses and small pets. Because straw pellets are clean, natural products, without additives and highly hygienic, they are the best products for animal beds. Straw pellets can also be used as animal feed.

Additional information

Weight 990 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 180 cm


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