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The energy obtained from sunflower husks is very high. Recent research shows that this energy can be even higher if the flakes are compressed with a high density and without moisture in their composition. This undoubtedly makes sunflower husk pellets a biofuel of the future. In comparison, burning two kilograms of sunflower husk pellets is equivalent to burning a liter of liquid fuel.

How are Sunflower husk Pellets produced?

The sunflower husks are poured and processed in a buffer silo with a size of 300 cubic meters, from where they go to the palletizing sector. There, the flakes are pressed into cylindrical eco pellets with an average length of 10 – 30 millimeters and a diameter of 6 to 10 millimeters. The average production of a palletizing machine is 1500 kg per hour.

Advantages of Sunflower Peel Pellets

Sunflower husk pellets have a high index of concentrated power: 4.3-4.5 kw / kg. This figure is comparable to coal and 1.6 times higher than that of wood. During the combustion of 1000 kg of sunflower husk pellets, the amount of heat released is the same as when burning 685 liters of fuel oil / 500 liters of diesel fuel / 479 cubic meters of natural gas or 1600 kg of wood; Pellets are safe and environmentally friendly fuels. When they are burned, the amount of CO2 released into the air is the same as during the natural decomposition of the biomass used to create them;

Their price is relatively low compared to coal, fuel oil and gas.

Characteristics of Pellets from sunflower husk (1100 kg in a bag):

Calorific value dry fuel: 20500 ± 700 MJ / kg

Diameter: Ø 8

Humidity: 11.00% ± 1.50%

Volume weight: 575 ± 50 kg / m3

Ash content: 3.50% ± 0.50% Ag

Sulfur content: <0.30%

Manufacturer: Best Pellets Packaging: large bag

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Weight 1100 kg


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